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    Rapper My Favorite Color Demands Respect On His Name In “Dead It”

    Anthony Willis aka My Favorite Color knows he’s different from most rappers, but he owns his quirky style. In the ever-changing world of music, new and fresh voices are always the most sought-after anyways. Fortunately, the 24-year-old emcee has plenty to bring to the table.

    Having lived in Compton, Pittsburgh and LA, My Favorite Color’s music draws influences from both the west and east coasts. Furthermore, his rap flow shares similarities with some of the biggest emcees of today, including the late MF Doom. Specifically, his voice ranges from a natural rasp and fluidity to deadpan, a skill not too many artists possess.

    Apart from his voice, he’s walking the same footsteps of his idols like Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa. Similar to the Pittsburgh artists, My Favorite Color signed with record label Rostrum.

    Having already released his debut album Velma and a handful of noteworthy singles, My Favorite Color climbs his way to musical success. While the Pittsburgh rapper played it safe back in 2020 with the release of his debut album, he’s coming out swinging like Muhammad Ali in 2022. On his latest track “Dead It” the artist demands listeners to put respect on his name.

    Put Respect On His Name

    At first glance, the Rostrum signee doesn’t come off as a confrontational person. In fact, Passion On The Weiss’s Casey Taylor described his initial demeanor as laid-back and chill. Some publications have even referred to him as “the sleepy rapper.” However, that all changes the moment someone calls him by his first name Anthony or he’s going hard on a track.

    On his newest record “Dead It”, My Favorite Color flips the script and demands listeners to put respect on his name. Don’t be fooled by the accompanying music video that offers an appeasing array of colorful scenery and whimsicality. It may seem like a fun and playful song on the outside, but in reality, the Pittsburgh artist pretty much eliminates any competitors. At one point, My Favorite Color raps the verse that if anyone tried to steal his songs, he’d fight them on the spot.

    During an interview with DJBooth from Audiomack, My Favorite Color revealed his favorite color as orange. While the color represents joy, warmth and generally happy feelings, Willis’s mood in “Dead It” seems like a direct contrast to that.

    What’s Next For The Quirky Artist

    Dead It
    via Twitter

    It’s pretty obvious that My Favorite Color is a force all his own. After all, he’s one of the few artists who outwardly expressed his fascination with life and death, particularly the latter of the two. Much of his debut album Velma contained tons of personal material that often discussed the presence of death. My Favorite Color even boldly admitted that he doesn’t fear death, like most do. Currently, the Pittsburgh artist plans to continue his personal narrative from Velma and turn his work into a meaningful project.

    Be on the lookout for the My Favorite Color’s upcoming album.




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