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    Rapper Dupre Kelly Talked With Tupac About Going Into Politics

    It’s not everyday that a platinum-selling artist such as rapper Dupre Kelly trades bars for politics. Though, it’s clear that the New Jersey native has outgrown the rap star life and set his sights on bettering the community.

    Furthermore, last month Dupre Kelly became the first HipHop, platinum-selling artist elected to hold office in the U.S. He’s now the acting West Ward councilman in Newark, NJ. It’s been a long time coming for the Shaw University graduate. In fact, Kelly recently revealed that he shared his plans to help rebuild his hometown with the late Tupac Shakur before his death.

    Dupre Kelly Has His Heart Set On Rebuilding The Community

    Dupre Kelly
    via TAPinto

    Clearly, the former “Funky Child” rapper has always had his heart set on giving back to the community. Moreover, he’s organized several community outreach programs geared toward improving his hometown. Many of them include his non-profit organization 211 Community Impact, the Newark Museum Advisory Board and the After School Allstars board. He’s clearly taken “paying it forward” to an entirely new level.

    Obviously, Dupre Kelly didn’t just want to win awards for his rap songs. He also wanted to win at making his community flourish. Last Friday, he was inaugurated at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center . He shared with fans that he wants to be a voice for the people. Additionally, he plans to use his new role as acting councilman to help out our youth. Guess the rapper really changed his life around to help others in need.

    Tupac Encouraged Him To Go Into Politics

    Dupre Kelly
    via Net Worth

    Usually, rap music and politics don’t mix well. However, recent years have shown that HipHop music has started to influence the way we perceive politics more and more. Recently, award-winning rap-star-turned-New Jersey councilman Dupre Kelly, revealed his plans for helping out his community.

    Additionally, he credited his colleague Tupac Shakur for making his plans a reality. Furthermore, Kelly and the GOAT rapper shared ideas for uplifting their hometowns in an Orlando Hotel room once. “He said we should come back and create nonprofits and create youth initiatives and youth programs,” Kelly said this past July 4th weekend. Fortunately, one of them had the chance to fulfill that ultimate dream.


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