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    Rapper DDG Regrets Ever Getting Veneers

    Everyone wants to look their best, especially celebrities. Rappers such as Cardi B and Gucci Mane have received cosmetic procedures to improve their appearance. Specifically, the emcees have had work done on their teeth and received veneers. While teeth implants have been a common cosmetic procedure for many celebrities, some wish they’d never undergone surgery in the first place. Recently, Halle Bailey’s boyfriend rapper DDG admitted that he regrets getting veneers.

    Rapper DDG Says Veneers Hurt His Teeth

    It goes without saying that there’s some things that even medicine and science can’t fix. As mentioned before, 25-year-old viral rap star DDG mentioned that he had some work done on his teeth. Though, he regrets ever making the decision to get veneers. Instead of making life easier, the implants have made his life a living Hell.

    Recently, the YouTuber took to social media to detail his struggles with veneers. He complained about the painful sensation of his teeth.

    “Back in the trenches y’all—back in the dentist. My two front teeth has been bothering me for like the past year with sensitivity and sh*t,” he explained in a video obtained by Hollywood Unlocked.

    Clearly, not all cosmetic procedures work.

    His Cautionary Tale To Others

    The young emcee went on to warn others not to make the same mistake he did. Furthermore, the vlogger went on to say that having veneers is basically “pointless.” With so much pressure to stay young and look good, it’s a challenge to maintain a certain image. In the end, though, it’s best just to work with what we got.


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