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    Rapist Sets Indian Woman On Fire

    An Indian Woman was Set on fire by her accused Rapist as she was headed to trial!

    a 23-year-old Indian woman was set on fire as she headed to court to testify on two men accused of raping her. However, before she could get there she was attacked and lite on fire.

    According to police, the woman told them she was attacked while on her way to the train in her hometown. She indicated that the two men who raped her plus their fathers and another man attack her.

    Allegedly they grabbed her by the train station. They then drug her to a field, doused her with gasoline and light her on fire. According to CNN, the woman is in critical condition with burns on 90% of her body.


    The attack seems to be revenge motivated for the rape accusations. Even more, the victim is believed to have dated one of her attackers within the last year. The man is said to have proposed marriage but then turned around and raped the woman with a friend.

    One of the men was supposed to be in jail during Thursday’s attack but was out on bail. The other man accused of the rape should have been in jail too but was on the run. It seems the fathers and other men helped in support of the accused rapist and so far no charges have been filled.  Thursday’s incident is the latest of recent attacks on women in India involving rape.

    In the last two weeks, at least two other women were gang-raped before being murdered and set on fire.

    The latest attacks in addition to India’s history of downplaying its rape culture have many taken to the streets to protest. Indian Woman-1

    Some members of the Indian government have called for the Death Penalty for a rapist. However, activists argue that such extreme measures don’t attack the underlying issues in regards to sexual violence.

    What do you guys think about the Indian woman being set on fire? Should the perpetrators receive the death penalty or is Jail enough punishment?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments


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