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    ‘Rap City’ Is Back, Will Be Hosted By Big Tigger

    Rap CityHip-hop heads, new and old, tune into this! BET announces reboot of the late 80s through late 2000’s “Rap City”show. For the new generation, this should give current rappers an opportunity to showcase their music videos on live television. For the generation a decade before, it is sweet nostalgia.

    The show made its way to BET airways on August 11, 1989— If BET was a person, he or she would’ve fallen under the star sign, Leo. Before YouTube hit the Internet, “Rap City” streamed music videos consistently, also highlighting the art of freestyling.

    The History of Freestyle

    Undoubtedly, the art of freestying is virtuous to the original hip-hop heads. Ditching the pen and pad meant a rapper could hold his weight behind the mic. Being quick-witted and beguiling was the recipe to being a real lyricist. Improv became the name of the game, where rappers came up with lyrics off the top of their heads that rhymed.

    The 90s

    Since hip hop began in the late 70’s, there is an evolution of descendants who participate in rap battles using their lyrical instincts. When BET embraced hip hop, the culture of black talent would change forever.

    The birth of “Rap City” created an outlet for artists to showcase their talents. From sportive interviews to Cita swaying her hips to the music on the screen, the show exposed all avenues from fashion to intimate freestyling sessions, Rolling Stone reports.

    The Reboot

    According to Complex, freestyles from the basement is on its way back to us again, show host Big Tigger announced. Viacom, the mother company of BET, has had the idea in the works for some time now. One of the most memorable host of all hip hop time, Big Tigger took to Instagram to make the big announcement.

    Get ready because The Basement is back!


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