Radiant Is An Uncover Anime Gem


It’s an enjoyable show.

Radiant is a French anime that tells the story of a magician boy named Seth. Seth’s dream is to destroy all nemesis by finding their home call Radiant. During his travels, he meets up with two other magicians name Doc and Mélie, who become his close companions as they travel their magical world, discovering mysteries and defeating enemies.

Picture of Radiants and ts many characters

What kind of character is Seth?

Seth is a very intriguing character. If he reminds me of any anime character that people know about, then I would say that he is a mixture of Naruto and Asta from Black Clover. Seth is caring and strong-willed; he can also make a friend out of anybody he comes around. The only thing that I don’t like about him is his outfit, but other than that, he is an excellent protagonist.

Picture of Seth from Radiant

Seth’s life is very mysterious; he knows nothing of his past and family besides a cloaked man that calls him “brother” and other horn people that has the same problems as him. As of now, the only thing we know about Seth is that he been cursed since his birth. Also, Seth has some dark energy in him that allows him to go into a severe rage mode.

Overall, Seth is a caring character that can show his enemies’ compassion if he sees the good in them. He has a mysterious life that he is trying to discover while helping people and looking for Radiant. He has excellent potential to be a strong sorcerer if he can master the dark energy he has inside of him.

Who are the antagonists? 

Nemesis are monsters that fall from the sky. These monsters infect everything they touch. People who survive their contact become cursed but also gain the ability to wield the magical power known as “Fantasia,” thus becoming Sorcerers.

Picture of a division of Inquisition called the miracles

Very little is known about nemesis. We don’t know if they are indeed evil or just creatures who are fighting for their survival. However, they are not the only antagonist in the show. There is a military group called the Inquisition whose goal is to oppose the sorcerers by killing them or enslaving them. In the Inquisition is a group of people called  “the miracles” who has powers given to them by their god, so that they can defeat sorcerers or nemesis.

Why should you watch it?

Radiant has excellent qualities that make it a good show. You have enemies and villains that are very enjoyable. The serious fight scenes are terrific, and the stories are easy to follow. Radiant caught me off guard, but I continue to watch it after the first episode for its world and fun story arcs. It’s not the best, but it will do. You can watch Seth and his friends on “Crunchy Roll” with new episodes coming out every Wednesday.

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