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    Rachel Dolezal Names Son After Langston Hughes And Crispus Attucks

    Rachel Dolezal made headlines as a white woman who pretended and identified herself as black. Once again, she is back making headlines after naming her baby after the famous author Langston Hughes and Crispus Attucks, the first American casualty in the American Revolutionary War.

    Dolezal just had a baby boy, and according to TMZ, named her sone Langston Attucks Dolezal. She took to Facebook to share the news.

    Arnold Rampersad, the executor of Hughes’ estate, and told TMZ the choice fits perfectly.

    “Rampersad says the Harlem Renaissance poet frequently wrote about sexual relations between different races, and understood the “pains of what used to be called a ‘voluntary Negro'” — a term for a white person who chooses to fight for black rights.”
    Rachel Dolezal


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