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R.Kelly Looks For A Miracle Through Michael Jackson’s Old Criminal Defense Lawyer Thomas Mesereau

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 R.Kelly is surely still fighting for his freedom in the courtroom, and is looking to find the best criminal defense lawyer in the business. It will nearly take a miracle to get the singer off, perhaps Michael Jackson’s old lawyer Thomas Mesereau may do the trick.

It’s no secret that the Chicago native will be facing an uphill battle. Plenty of witnesses, along with a documentary provides ample proof of  Robert’s crimes. The allegation taking place are serious ones connecting Jackson to involvement sexual encounters with underage girls. The allegations date back to well over 20 years, with Kelly even marrying an underage Aaliyah at the time. Parents of the girls involved in the events have spoken out looking for Kelly to surely rot in jail for his actions. With nearly depleted funds Kelly odds of beating his case is slim to none.

R.Kelly Thomas Mesereau Jr.

Now the “Step In The Name Of Love” singer is looking to perhaps beat his pending cases with that of a top criminal defense lawyer in the country. Kelly would ultimately like Thomas Mesereau Jr. to join his legal team in wake of his latest charges. Furthermore, Mesereau is known for getting Michael Jackson acquitted from his criminal case. Allegedly the attorney is currently dealing with another case in Houston at the time. Reports from The Blast indicate that the Mesereau does have interest in possibly coming on board for his upcoming trial.

Mesereau has provided that he can handle high profile cases, and win big in the courtroom. Back in 2005, he was the lead counsel during Michael Jackson’s criminal trial. After taking 7 days of deliberating Jackson being found not guilty on all counts. At the moment Kelly faces 10 counts of sexual abuse, along with two federal indictments.

In conclusion, do you think the R.Kelly Thomas Mesereau Jr. duo will be enough to get the singer acquitted? Can Kelly afford him? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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