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R.Kelly Says That He Will Sue Lifetime Over Documentary

R.Kelly is not happy about a Lifetime documentary that details the history of his abuse of women. 

This week, the six-part documentary, “Surviving R.Kelly”, will debut on Lifetime. It also features a series of interviews from women who have either been victims or witnesses to Kelly’s abuse. In New York, back in late 2018, the series was supposed to have a premiere screening. However, it was canceled due to a gun threat.

According to TMZ, R.Kelly is attempting everything in his power to stop this documentary from coming out. In addition to calling the series untrue, he has had his lawyer, Brian Nix, draft a lawsuit. Nix is threatening to file the suit on Thursday, the same day that “Surviving R.Kelly” is being released unless the network does not release the series. Kelly also claims that he has proof that some of the girls are lying.

Lifetime, from Hypefresh, do not back down to this predator. R.Kelly has been preying on black women for years. It is time that he is held accountable for all pain and abuse he has caused. You are in the position to make that happen, so do not back down!

But, what do you think of this situation? What do you think that Lifetime should do? Leave your comments below and for more news keep it linked to!

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Child serial rapists need to be in jail! I was done with him when he married that 15 year old child! Anyone making excuses for him is sick too!

[…] Despite Kelly threatening to sue, Lifetime has plans to continue airing the series. […]

[…] industry buzzing about R.Kelly’s past predatory and pedophilia behavior. And in the midst of R Kelly attempting to sue Lifetime, more evidence os surfacing. Matthew Knowles, the father of Beyonce, reveals that he kept the […]

[…] estate is bashing the documentary. And just like R.Kelly attempting to sue, the estate might be doing the same! From Kevin Spacey to Bill Cosby, and others, sexual assault […]

Tiana Reed

The series needs to be aired. This sick monster deserves to be exposed.

[…] Surviving R.Kelly has the industry buzzing about his abusive and predatory past against women. While many people have stopped listening to his music, disowned him or lied in public, other people say that they can separate the music from the singer. One of them is French Montana, who believes that R.Kelly should be able to enjoy his legacy. TMZ caught up with DJ Paul to see what he thinks of that. And, Paul agrees. […]


Like I said, “Anyone who agrees with him is sick too!”

[…] issue first erupted after the docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, premiered on Lifetime. After watching it, Dash was furious with Hov for working with R. Kelly, after Hov allegedly knew […]

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