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R.Kelly No Plea


Sick Fuck R.Kelly Ain’t Take No Plea!!

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R.Kelly is currently fighting for his life, and it seems as though it’s no quitting in sight. Kelly has officially denied a plea in his latest round of charges.

R.Kelly is officially fighting for his life. The longtime music artist has been known as the “King Of R&B” for several decades. However, people are looking past his accolades, and are more concerns with his personal life. Just last week it was announced that prosecutors would be adding an additional 11 charges to his case.

R.Kelly No Plea

Furthermore, an ex-employee of Robert allegedly came forward producing additional tapes of him engaging in sexual acts with underage girls. For the better part of six months, the singer has been trying to prove his innocents among the doubters. However, the uphill battle is proving too much to convince anyone that he did not commit these crimes.

Earlier this year lifetime released a documentary entitled “Surviving R. Kelly“. Throughout the documentary, several employees and victims speak about their experience. Kelly tarnished image will result in him having a negative impact either way.

In conclusion, do you think that the R.Kelly no plea is something that is smart? Will he do jail time this time around? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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