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    R.Kelly Trifflin Ass Sure To Be Back In Jail Sooner Than Later!!

    R.Kelly’s days outside a jail cell is numbered.

    Last week the process of justice was started regarding accusations that stem back two decades. Robert has built a hefty catalog of classic hits throughout his time in the entertainment industry. His longevity is something that has been celebrated among this new age of hip-hop. However, now the singer faces charges with any support turning a blind eye. In other words, his assistant, a former lawyer, along with former record label have removed themselves from any correlation to Kelly.

    On Friday, Mr. “Step In The Name Of Love”, turned himself into authorities. R. Kelly is charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse. If convicted, Robert can face some serious time behind bars. Therefore, his bail was originally set at $1 million dollars but was released with a $100,000 bond. Furthermore, Kelly has already plea of not guilty. The singer is not clear out the woods yet, as he needs to pay child support owed. In addition, he has until March 6th to pay his wife $160,000 to stay out of jail.

    Kelly has had non stop media coverage on his since a docu-series entitled “Surviving R. Kelly” was released on lifetime network. The singer says that he will sue Lifetime over the documentary. In conclusion, it has gotten so dangerous for the entertainer that he moved out the music studio for his own safety.

    How many years will the singer serve? Will the victims ever get justice? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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