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R. Kelly Has Herpes!! Not Really A Shocker!

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 11: Singer-songwriter R. Kelly attends "The Best Man Holiday" screening at Chelsea Bow Tie Cinemas on November 11, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

So apparently, R. Kelly may or may not have herpes…

R. Kelly’s currently behind bars after he was hit with federal charges. He is still working on a plan to get out of the slammer.

This time he’s trying to prove that he’s not a danger to society.

He’s using the example that he never gave any of his alleged victims an STD.

According to The Blast, the disgraced singer’s attorney recently filed a long letter to the judge in his ongoing criminal federal case.

He is asking for R. Kelly to be released from custody, or at least granted bail.

“Currently there is zero evidence that Robert has herpes, knew he had herpes, or knew he could have herpes and recklessly conducted himself,” the document states. “ZERO evidence exists, his team added.”

The allegation of R. Kelly having herpes was made by Faith Rodgers, who has two lawsuits against the singer.

The singer’s legal team also demands that Kelly should be release. Mostly because prosecutors only have from a “disgruntled groupie who alleges she has herpes and got it from Robert.”

It was also said that his accuser has allegedly not provided “one scintilla of evidence” to support her claims.

In addition to that, R. Kelly’s team think that the government illegally obtained Kelly’s medical records in an effort to validate the herpes claims.

“The government alludes to having Robert’s medical records that they believe may nor may not demonstrate that he too may have herpes, but they did not disclose if they properly and/or legally procured same, if they have factually and scientifically established it’s the same strain of herpes, or who had it first,” the letter states.

So does he have herpes or not is the real question! What do you guys think is really going on?

Leave your comments down below!

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Featured Image: People

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