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R. Kelly’s Goons Threatened Dave Chappelle Over A Skit???

R. Kelly is back in the news today!

However, it’s over something he allegedly did years ago. On Wednesday night at the WeHo Improv, Dave Chappelle and “Chappelle’s Show” costar Donnell Rawlings went on the mic about Kelly’s displeasure with the “Piss on You” skit. And apparently, the R&B singer brought his “goons” with him too. Shit was about to get really real… real quick. But, R Kelly also displayed the same hostility when approached by GQ a few years back about the cultural refenece of “piss on you.”

The week that sketch came out, we was in Chicago at a Common show and [Kelly’s] goons bust in my room. I don’t know if they was his goons but they sure look like them.

According to TMZ, Dave says things never got physical. But when the singer questioned why Dave made a skit jokin’ about the piss tape. The irony didn’t get lost on the comedian, who then proceeded to throw the question right back at Kelly. Cue the drunk laughter from the audience.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the “Piss on You” skit satirizes the legal trouble R. Kelly got into for peeing on an underaged girl. There’s a lot of sexy women, smooth vocals, and…well…

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