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    R.Kelly’s Former Employee Allegedly Confirms More Child Sex Tapes

    It seems as though the battle for R.Kelly’s freedom is a losing one. Just last week it was reported that the prosecutor added on more charges. Now a former employee confirms that the singer recorded his sexual encounters with underage girls frequently.

    The Chicago native is surely in for a battle in the courtroom. Recently a former employee of Robert advised the grand jury that the singer records numerous sex acts with underage girls. Furthermore, it is believed that the tapes may be in the custody of the feds. The former employee testified to the grand jury on Thursday, in addition, to actually have some of the physical tapes.

    R.Kelly Former Employee

    The former employee reassured the jurors that Kelly’s staff at the time more than knew his activities. Overall, his group would actually participate in the plot to lure women to have sex with Kelly. This wouldn’t be too farfetched as the lifetime documentary called “Surviving R.Kelly”, emphasized on the fact that Kelly’s entourage was familiar with how the singer rolled. R. Kelly‘s attorney, Steve Greenberg addressed the claims as such:

     “This seems to be the same claims that were made in the state case. We will address them in court.”

    Robert’s freedom is currently in serious jeopardy with the latest round of charges being added last week. At the moment Kelly can be sentenced to well over 30 years if not cleared of charges.

    In conclusion, which of R.Kelly former employees came forward with this information? Will they have to testify in the case? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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