Damn! Even R. Kelly’s Publicist Darryl Johnson Can’t Get Any Respect!!

Damn Even R Kellys Publicist

We called it for what it is. R.Kelly is back in jail after failing to pay child support owed.

Robert can’t catch a break to no extent. Yesterday the singer taken in custody for failing to pay his child support. Despite the singer not being able to pay $161K owed, he expected to set up some type of payment arrangement to ensure he remains free. According to his Publicist Darryll Johnson, Kelly was willing to pay something around $60K. The judge wasn’t having it, and decided to put Kelly in jail for failure to pay the full amount.

Publicist Darryll Johnson Can’t Get Any Respect

Furthermore, while Darryll Johnson was giving an update to the media he was abruptly interrupted. A fan of Kelly decided to make an appearance in the live recording of the interview. He started out saying “Free R.Kelly”, but then ultimately refused to walk around the media crowd. He then told Mr. Johnson to move out the way and hit him with the classic line “Fuck You talking about”.

Above all, during the interview that Darryll announced that Kelly wouldn’t be getting out until next Wednesday. At the moment the judge will not release Kelly until he has the full $161K. Robert was recently charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse. To clear his name of the charges the singer decided to do an interview with Gayle King on CBS Morning news. The full interview is set to be release Friday morning.

Will R.Kelly fire Darryl Johnson? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Hypefresh.co.



  1. Yes he should fired him I worked for Darryl years ago he’s a con artist and a fraud he shouldn’t be speaking on the behalf of Robert


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