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    Quin NFN “All Blues” Video Drops

    Quin NFN “All Blues” Video Drops

    Austin, TX rapper Quin NFN has released a video for “All Blues”, a single from his latest EP, QUINCHO, out now on 10K Projects. Directed by Cam Glass and shot in downtown Austin, the video debuted on Billboard this morning – check it out here.

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    Born in the year 2000, and raised in the Northeast section of Austin known as “Da 4,” Quin’s normal childhood got turned upside down once he got to high school, started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and stopped showing up to school. “I’d go to where we was making money at and that ended up taking control of me,” he says. When he ended up getting kicked out of school, he told his mom he was going to find a way to get rich. To his surprise, instead of getting angry, she gave him money to go to the studio.

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    The first song Quin ever made was a remix of a track by Chicago’s teenage drill rapper Lil Mouse. The song earned the then-15-year-old a local buzz in his neighborhood, and in Austin at large. His momentum only grew when he released the video for “Gametime Pt. 2,” a track that finds Quin at his most aggressive. Quin stayed consistent while maneuvering the pitfalls of Austin’s small scene and, a year later, he shared a snippet of the song that would change his life.

    Final Thoughts

    Within days, the video for “Talkin’ My Shit,” a bass-heavy dose of Quin’s charisma and swagger, went viral, and his promise to his mom became a guarantee. After signing with Eliot Grange’s 10K Projects in 2019, Quin released his debut album 4NUN, a project that found Quin challenging himself to push his rowdy sound further.

    Quin still lives in Austin, focused on mastering his craft and continuing to be an example of how to handle growing rap fame for those that come after him, something he had to learn largely on his own. “There’s still a whole lot of stuff I’m learning and trying to perfect,” he says. “But I get better every time I go to the studio.”

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you pumped to check out Quin NFN’s “All Blues”?


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