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    Quentin Miller on Drake: ‘Never Doing Anything With That Guy Again’

    Quentin Miller takes to Twitter to address his feelings on working with Drake. “Never doing anything with that guy again,” “I literally don’t even care for that to become a thing,” he said. “We’re finished.. he’s doing him, I’m doing me…point blank.”

    Miller has been reported of being tired of being caught up into the “Ghostwriting” mix up beef between Drake and Meek Mill. And at this point, he wants to focus on his own personal rap career pursuits. Taking to Twitter he also released the release date for his newest project X/X

    And to-be honest… can you blame him? Who Wants to live in the shadows of someone else’s career all their life? We think it’s about time that he stepped forth and began his own journey. He has an excellent headstart because of all of this circulating around his name.


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