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    Damn Diddy Help Out Q With That Back Child Support!!

    112 was one of the most promising groups going into the 2000s. Over the past two years, the group’s status has been in turmoil over financial disputes. Now it seems like Q Parker of 112 is feeling the pinch.

    Q Parker is in the midst of an ugly bankruptcy at the moment. The former singer recently claimed that his house is in foreclosure along with barely $1,000 in the bank. Despite the process of his bankruptcy, his baby mama wants to ensure that Q takes care of his responsibilities. This includes the back child support that he hasn’t paid.

    His children’s mother Leah Steele Barnett claims that the entertainer has not paid child support since 2006. At the time Q owes a rough estimate of $266,532, and she is demanding that the judge rules for Q to pay. The former bad boy artist just can’t catch a break, just last month Slim of 112 hit Q with a lawsuit. The leader claims that Q and another member was benefiting off the name of the group doing shows, club appearances and getting paid in the process.

    At the moment it’s not looking good for Q, and seems as though he’s tight on money. On top of the back child support, Barnett is requesting for $13,000 in lawyer fees to be paid.

    Should someone like Diddy help to bail him out? Will Slim drop the lawsuit? Will 112 squash the beef and come back out? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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