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Pusha T Shuts Down The Competition With New Music App

All the self-proclaimed music connoisseurs can now put their money where their mouth is.

Just fresh out of a bloody rap beef with Drake, Pusha T is stepping out of one arena to enter into a new one–tech. According to the rapper and president of G.O.O.D. Music himself, it’s time that people find out just how much their musical opinions amount up to. Heir is the name of Pusha T’s app, and it allows for users to vote on whether a song is hotor not.

Pusha T joined forces with Summer Watson, an entrepreneur in the tech world, who already has some credible experience in the industry from her work with TuneIn and Playdom. Together they say, “we believe that when everyone eats, everyone wins,” as stated on the app.

Basically, emerging music artist and music enthusiast have the opportunity to not only make new connections and collaborations with each other, but are also given the opportunity to make some coin off their participation on the app. For every vote (hot or not) that reflects the opinion of the app’s majority of users, you’ll receive digital currency called Crown which you can eventually cash out, or other exclusive perks that you can later redeem. But be forewarned, if a user casts a vote that doesn’t align with the majority’s opinion, they’ll lose some of their Crown. This isn’t only a good look for artist trying to gain fame, but it changes the playing field for others as well. Now instead of futile debates over Twitter that lead down the yellow brick road to nowhere, Heir will allow for users to see who really has the biggest set of musically adept ears by just how much Crown a user can rack up.

To get started, Heir is already taking sign-ups for early access. Sign-up here!

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