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    Its almost time. We are about to make one of the most important decisions of our lives,  Xbox or Play Station! Even though for some people it will be easy, for others it will be a stressful moment. Some people may even get both. While, for those who can only get or want one, here are some specs on the consoles that will help you pick.



    (X-BOX Series X Console)
    • 4K 60FPS.
    • Disc drive with 4K UHD playback.
    • Super-fast SSD that can be used as VRAM.
    • 7nm AMD SoC with 8-core, 16 thread Zen 2 CPU at 3.5GHz and Navi GPU.
    • 16GB GDDR6 RAM.
    • 12 TFLOPs of power.
    • Key games: Halo Infinite, Hellblade II, full Xbox One backward compatibility

    The next X-Box is dated to hit stores, Holiday 2020. The price is stated to be roughly $400-$450. Not a bad price for a next-gen. Even more, the new console will be available to purchase by installments. X-Box Series X will be on the Xbox All Access program, which allows you to finance the system. The controller is mostly the same as the X-box One with some minor changes, but nothing too crazy.



    (Unknow look of the PS5 Console) 
    • Custom SoC with second-gen Navi GPU, Zen 2 CPU.
    • 8-Core, 16-thread Zen 2 CPU at 3.2GHz.
    • Navi GPU at 2.0GHz with 36 Compute Units.
    • Navi, Zen SoC uses new AMD RDNA 2.0 architecture.
    • Ultra-fast SSD.
    • Support for 4K 120 Hz TVs.
    • Ray-tracing enabled.
    • 8K output support (for gaming)
    • Games: Ghost of Tsushima, Godfall, Cyberpunk 2077, backward compatibility

    The Playstation 5 is also coming out Holiday 2020. The price for the console is said to be $499, and no installment plans are announced yet. PlayStation will have an easy slot-in, slot-out external hardware, that will allow changing how much info that can be saved. The PS5 controller is said to have extra back buttons, with a similar style to the DualShock 4 controller.

    Hope this gives you an idea of what system may be good for you. Therefore, if you have to make this tough decision, you can do so wisely.

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