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    Protests Erupt in Portland

    In the wake of recent shooting and killings of unarmed African Americans tensions have increase yet again in Portland. With yet another incident of police brutality against an innocent civilian, patience among Portland natives have started to fade. Recently, protests erupted in Portland after a law enforcement officer was caught tackling and beating up a protester repeatedly.

    Fortunately, the officer was caught on footage. He is one out of three policemen to be placed on administrative leave while investigations continue.

    Earlier this week, trump supports and white nationalist extremist groups came in hordes to show to show their opposition against the protesters; creating even more tension in that region.

    Portland is now entering its 15th week of nightly protests since the killing of George Floyd.

    On Wednesday, Portland’s police chief, Chuck Lovell announced that moving forward, their department would be implementing new initiatives within the bureau.

    “The equity team has been working on multiple projects, but one of the things that they’re working on is anti-racism training,” said Lovell.

    The Portland’s law enforcement’s anti-racist training will begin this winter. The program will address racism, equity and justice within the department.

    The mayor has also voiced concerns that the accountability process for law enforcement. Studies show that uncovering allegations of police misconduct, can drag on for months before there’s a solution set in place. In a recent press conference, Mayor Ted Wheeler addressed the public noting that he would like to meet with the local law enforcement to find a way to hold officers at protests “accountable in real time.”

    What do you think about the recent protest in Portland? We’d like to hear your thoughts.



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