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    Protester, Patrick Hutchinson Saved A life In London


    Over the last few weeks, protests against police brutality and racial injustice started in the United States with the recent death of George Floyd. However, the Black lives Matter movement has spread to all around the world. Over the weekend, there was a protest in London, England and a memorable moment happened when a black protester carried an injured white man through the protest, which saved his life. 

    What happened during the protest? 

    During the protest in London, England there was a man lying on some stairs in the fetal position surrounded by protesters. The protesters that surrounded the man were there to humiliate and not help the injured man. 

    A protester named Patrick Hutchinson saw the injured man and decided to scoop him up and get him medical help. After scooping the man he got him through the protest to reach the police that was standing at the beginning to get him medical help. 

    Why did Patrick Hutchinson help the man? 

    When Patrick Hutchinson saw the injured man, he did not know if he was for the Black Lives Matter movement, or was he anti the movement. Patrick instead focused on how he is injured and nobody was trying to provide help to him.

    He also saw the possible consequence that could have occurred to the BLM movement if nobody helped him. He said the following about the situation:

    “My real focus was on avoiding a catastrophe, all of a sudden the narrative changes into ‘Black Lives Matters, Youngsters Kill Protesters.’ That was the message we were trying to avoid”

    “I am carrying him, my friends are protecting myself and the man on my shoulder. He was still receiving blows, you can feel people trying to hit him,” he said. “There were people trying to protect him at the same time carried him over to the police and I said here you are. One of them said ‘thank you – you did a good thing there.'”

    The result of Patrick Hutchinson’s actions

    After Patrick reached the police, the man was able to get to the hospital and get the medical help he needed. The man is still not identified.

    For the Black Lives Matter movement, Patrick’s actions helped break down the race barriers and for people to realize, “we are all one race.”

    What do you think of the situation?

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