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    Project Runway’s Tim Gunn Feels The Antidote To The Kardashians Are Sasha And Malia Obama

    Tim Gunn hates the Kardashian family and vice versa, but Gunn adds the best way to cure the nations fix is a healthy and pure antidote.

    In a interview with, Gunn states “If you want guidance in fashion, just consider this: If a Kardashian is wearing it — don’t!” Gunn also went into his distaste for Kendall Jenner in terms of her becoming a model it girl.

    “I think absolutely nothing [of her], to be honest,” he said. “And I’m assuming there’s a huge, perhaps million-dollars-a-month publicity wagon that is pulling these girls along and creating these lives for them. I’m distrustful of it, and I find it all distasteful. She may be a perfectly lovely young woman,” he continued. “[But] I just feel that she’s tainted by the Kardashian aura of yuck!”

    The Kardashian girls have definitely made a name for themselves, and most of those names are probably negative, but they definitely know how to turn 15 minutes into years. Thanks to the head of the family Kris Jenner, The Kardashian-Jenner kids have a huge empire to work harder to continue to build.

    They definitely have a bad reputation in media, regardless of whatever it is that they are doing, but Gunn feels that that best way to get over the Kardashian craze is by looking at Sasha and Malia Obama.

    “I believe that they dress for their age, they dress in a way that for me is fashionable and sophisticated, and they’re not trying to look older than they are, and they’re not trying to look younger,” Gunn said. “And of course they have the best fashion mentor in the world right there with them — their mother.”

    Gunn also shared his opinion on Kanye West’s ew clothing line venture. He stated, “I think they’re a bunch of dumb clothes, just basic pieces,”

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