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No Babysitter But I’ll Still Make It To Class At Morehouse?


We’ve all been at that point where we need to cancel because no one can watch our child. However, that didn’t stop Wayne Hayer.

Balancing things as an adult can be a challenge. Life is three times as hard when you have children. A 26-year-old by the name of Wayne Hayer didn’t have anyone to watch his five-month-old. So he had no choice but to bring her to his algebra class at Morehouse in Atlanta. His teacher Nathan Alexander takes education seriously, and called it “a moment of redirecting”.

“Our goal is to instill leadership in our students,” he said in an interview with The Washington Post on Sunday. “I want to be a model of that, and I think Wayne is a model of that. He was focused on his academics in spite of everything else he had going on.”

The Morehouse Babysitter

The young father wasn’t too sure about bringing his child. Hayer’s wife typically watches the baby while he’s in class. Unfortunately, his wife was stuck running an errand and couldn’t make it back in time. Hayer’s decided to dress the baby in a onesie, along with his chest strap and traveled to the campus.

“I had a book bag on and a baby strapped to my chest. I looked crazy,” he said. As he approached the classroom door, Hayer felt intimidated. “Then Dr. Alexander saw me and welcomed me with open arms.”

To his surprise, his professor offered to hold the baby while Wayne took notes. The whole class was in support of not making any excuses for missing class.

“There’s a negative stereotype about African American men not being fathers to their children and a myth that most black people come from single-parent households,” Hayer said.

“To see a young African American man do it was empowering for people to see. The image and symbolism were important in changing how we view masculinity.”

We’re proud of everyone involved in making this happens. It shows that there are still people in the world that cares, and will support you no matter what.

Should Professor Alexander receive some type of award? Should he be called the Morehouse babysitter? What was the last nice thing your Professor did for you? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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