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    Goodbye London & Hello Canada: Ostracized Prince Harry Moving?

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had enough of the way tabloids have been treating them lately, so they’re considering leaving the place they’ve known as home.

    According to The Hollywood Unlocked, Prince Harry and Meghan are considering uprooting their family and moving to Canada.

    It’s probably not the ideal solution, but for now, it’s what seems necessary if the two want a fighting chance at happiness. Allegedly, Prince Harry thinks it will save his marriage and help his wife keep her sanity. A source close to the royals states that the move might be the only thing that keeps them glued together.

    “Meghan and Harry have considered moving to Canada. Meghan and Harry are considering it for the future.”

    The close source also mentions how Harry hates the way the press has been targeting them since their marriage.

    “It’s an accumulation, and Harry refuses to sit and do nothing as the British press scrutinizes Meghan and invades her privacy. Meghan comes across as a strong woman, but she’s been deeply affected by the negative stories about her.”

    Lately, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been on the ropes with not just the tabloids, but also family. They are allegedly not on great speaking terms with Prince William or Harry’s father.

    They’ve pretty much become ostracized.

    Any thoughts? How do you feel about Prince Harry and Meghan possibly moving to Canada? Let us know what’s on your mind in the comment section below.

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    Featured Image Credit: Hello Magazine


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