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    President Carter: A Music Lover, according to the newest documentary

    A new documentary is coming to “virtual cinemas” this September. The star of the new film: America’s 39th President, Jimmy Carter.

    The documentary film will be titled Carter: Rock Roll President. The story will follow the life of President Carter and, along with it, his love for music. The film will illustrate how his enthusiasm for music benefited his campaigns and earned him relationships with some of America’s most popular musicians.

    The film’s newest trailer surfaced yesterday, on August 27th. The trailer features appearances from artists including Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, Nile Rodgers and others.

    President Carter is often remembered for winning the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize, or less popularly, for being a former peanut farmer. What many forget, however, is how musically involved the man was. Carter included the Allman Brothers in his campaigns, brought jazz music to the white house and even sang hymns with Willie Nelson. The legend Dizzie Gillespie once invited Carter onto the stage during a performance, and the two shared in singing the tune, “Salt Peanuts”. Even to this day, Lil Wayne sampled the president’s words in his song, “President Carter”.

    newest documentary

    Carter shared a statement on the documentary, “The film accurately captures my love for all music and the importance music has played in my personal and professional life.” 

    The film will be released by Greenwich Entertainment, an independent film distribution company specializing in heatrical-quality narratives and documentary projects.The movie is directed by Mary Wharton.

    A physical release of the film will take place this October.

    Be sure to check out the new trailer here.



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