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    President Biden is Making America Go Back to Humble Greatness

    Humble Greatness: like the good old days

    Biden’s approval ratings have been in the danger zone for first-term presidents since his inauguration. They’re a reflection of near-universal Republican dislike and a majority of independents who are souring on him.

    His accomplishments have been impressive, including the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package and the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill. But he hasn’t delivered on many of his biggest campaign promises to tame the pandemic and restore economic growth.

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    1. He’s Creating Jobs

    During his first two years in office, President Biden led the nation’s economy to record-breaking job growth. His policies have given Americans more jobs than their predecessors, leaving people with more money in their pockets to spend.

    He’s also investing in our future, creating new opportunities for workers and their families. For example, he’s making major public investments in transportation infrastructure.

    2. He’s Investing in Our Future

    As President Biden works to rebuild a strong economy, he also is committing to invest in our future. He’s ensuring our historic infrastructure investments use materials made in America to support American jobs.

    This includes closing a long-standing loophole in the Buy America law that allowed certain infrastructure projects to use materials from anywhere in the world. Together with the historic investment agenda he has signed into law, this will ensure new roads and bridges, airports, transit, rail, water, high-speed internet, and clean energy infrastructure are built with materials made in America.

    3. He’s Building a Strong Economy

    Over the past two years, President Biden has helped lay the foundation for a strong economy and a more secure future. Through his legislative successes on infrastructure, a clean energy economy, and lower prescription drug prices, as well as modest gun reform, he is working to make America better off for everyone.

    But despite the good news, we still have challenges that keep many Americans from feeling secure in their financial lives. For example, while the job market has been good, supply chain problems and inflation have fueled concerns about how we can keep our economy growing.

    4. He’s Rebuilding Our Democracy

    President Biden has made a strong start to his presidency. He’s delivered a massive relief bill for the pandemic, passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill, and taken steps to lower prescription drug prices and expand care for veterans.

    Compared with previous presidents, however, his approval rating has been dragged down by the lingering pandemic and other economic challenges. His record will be judged on whether he can overcome these setbacks.

    5. He’s Taking Care of Our Veterans

    For too long, our economy has worked well for the elite at the top, while the working families get squeezed.

    President Biden believes that we need to build a new economy from the bottom up and the middle out. That’s why he has a plan to make our economy work for everyone again.

    One of the ways that he’s doing that is by making sure that our veterans are taken care of. That means ensuring that our veterans have access to quality health care and the resources they need to take care of themselves.

    6. He’s Taking Care of Our Families

    In an age of big spending and high debt, President Biden is putting the needs of our families first. He is making it easier for parents to stay home with their children, pay a loved one to watch them, or get the care they need at home with family or a friend.

    He is also taking steps to combat climate change, bolstering the local leadership that is already building smarter cities and improving our economy. He is investing in our infrastructure and making it stronger, and helping communities prepare for storms, flooding, heat and sea level rise.

    7. He’s Making America Humble Again

    At a time when Americans are struggling with gun violence, economic struggles and climate change, President Biden will stand up for what’s right and lead by example. He will build a 100% clean energy economy and achieve net-zero emissions no later than 2050.

    He will demand a worldwide ban on inefficient fossil fuel subsidies. This is a critical step to address the climate emergency and reduce global warming.

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