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    Premiere: Maka – Mu Na Gi (You & I) (Official Video)

    After watching Maka’s “Mu Na Gi (You & I)” music video, you will “truly love her like she is the only one.

    The Nigerian-based R&B soul singer and songwriter sings a beautifully melodic song with such deep emotional weight, tugging at your heart and soul every step of the way.

    This heartfelt song becomes transcendent through the director’s lens, filling your eyes with not only lyrics, but colorful persuasion that keeps you watching.

    Teck-Zilla’s production and Maka‘s vocals are so enchanting that you don’t even realize how quickly she showcases her bilingual abilities. It’s delightful and attention grabbing to say the least.

    So, if you like what you see in this music video, then you need to check Maka out on all of your social media accounts.


    Maka Mu Na Gi You and I


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