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    Prediction of Success: Dorchester, Massachusetts Cousin Stizz

    Boston, Massachusetts rap artist Cousin Stizz has been making a great deal of noise since his debut mixtape Suffolk County. With the city of Boston on his back and a loyal fan base growing by the year, it is evident the music game has found what they’ve been needing for quite some time.

    Cousin Stizz has been on the grind solidifying his importance and hip-hop through sold out shows and hot new releases. Although he is only in the early stages of his rap career, he is surely moving at an alarming rate. At this point, I can’t help but to predict that Cousin Stizz is hip-hop’s next biggest star. Cousin Stizz holds an abundance of potential and at the age of 24 he is already built his path to becoming a hip-hop beast. His major breakthrough was through the impact of his track “Shoutout,” off his 13-track mixtape Suffolk County which gained a lot of buzz. He even received a co-sign from OVO’s Drake when it was blasting in the background during a video of him celebrating his 28th birthday party. Over the summer, the rapper signed a major label record deal with RCA records which has helped him get his music out there even more. Nonetheless, all of that couldn’t even compare to the effortless rap and writing skills, even without the strength of a record label he has this special connect with his fans and really puts on for his hometown.
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    “It’s all feeling, all my music is based on emotion. I really want people to feel it. So in order for them to feel it, I gotta really feel it.” He reveals on HotNewHipHop’s ‘On The Come Up’ show. While I follow these major moves Stizz is out here making, I can’t help but to reflect on the come up of todays biggest artists like J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. Just like Cole and Kendrick, Stizz puts out music that is meaningful and is based on the things he’s seen or experienced. Instead of just putting out noise, he’s been able to build a genuine and pure relationship with his fans. Through having that skill, fans are always on the look out waiting for what’s next. Unlike Cole and Kendrick, Stizz has a gritty sound that is more applicable to trap, hip-hop fans. His records like “No Bells,” “Shoutout,” and “500 Horses” has already left am impression on the music world and has set the bar for future trap records to come. From hearing most conversations regarding hip-hop, trap music is most popular. But in the end meaningful records seem to come and stay in the hearts of many hip-hop fans. Sonically, the Boston MC’s growth is a sight to see and his music is timeless.
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    As of now, Cousin Stizz is sitting on top of his really dope new record titled “Headlock,” which features red hot verse and ad-libs from Migos’ Offset. The record is the first single from his upcoming mixtape One Night Only, the follow-up to his 2016 MONDA EP. Stay tuned for the official release and in the meantime, check out his music here.


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