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    Power Book III S2: Exploring Family Dynamic And Music

    The second season of Raising Kanan has been one for the books. We are only three episodes into the season, and there is so much happening already. In addition to family dynamics, the other theme for this season is how music plays a part.

    They touched over the music industry last season, but I like how they are going more in-depth for season two. So often, the media only shows you the fun parts of the music industry. 50 Cent made sure Season 2 of Raising Kanan shed light on how cutthroat the music business can be in a matter of time. Once upon a time, everyone was singing “Streets Need a Body”, but those days are long over. Famous couldn’t sell a mixtape if his life depended on it, and it does. If he doesn’t sell enough, he won’t have a place to lay in his head.

    He’s not the only character who’s struggling with the music industry. His boss/record label owner Lou-Lou is slowly finding out it takes a lot to be the boss. Between developing his new artist, Zisa, figuring out what to do with Jukebox’s image, and recovering from the Famous major financial loss, things have been tough for the young music mogul. It doesn’t help that he doesn’t have that natural leadership ability like his sister, who potentially could be his new boss. Thanks to Crown eavesdropping on the sibling’s convo, Crown came up with the genius idea to sell his stake in the company to Raque so that Lou won’t be in charge. Not a good look having your employees go behind your back, so I’m sure this won’t end well for Crown.

    Family Affair

    Speaking of Raque, she keeps making mistake after mistake. As an avid “Power” fan, those mistakes add up after a while. They might not affect you now, but eventually, they will come full circle. For one, she arranged for her son to kill a cop, who happens to be his father. This is sociopath behavior, and to make matters worse, their plan failed. I can tell you who’s not about to win mother of the year. Then on top of that, she took the life of her best soldier. Not saying this was a dumb move because it makes sense business-wise to work with your enemy. But great leaders don’t trade a loyal soldier for a treacherous one. It never works out.

    Crazy Finish

    All in all, the season is shaping up to be more action-packed than the last. My money is on Kanan catching another body before the season ends. Hopefully, the Stark family stays intact as I am not ready for them to break up yet.


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