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    POW! WOW! Continues The Impossible Wall Project at SXSW

    It seems like The Impossible Wall Project presented after last year’s festival by SXSW, POW! WOW! Hawaii and SprATX will become a new tradition.

    Started with the intentions to bring some color to the walls of Austin, the project brought together some of the most talented local and international artists to get the job done.

    Throughout the week of the festival, the artists were hard at work at locations such as Lamar Union, Lustre Pearl East, Monster Outbreak House and more. Some of this year’s artist lineup included Madsteez, Esao Andrews, Fafi, Jasper Wong, Kamea Hadar, Jeffrey Gress, Jason Eatherly, Niz, Fish, Dave Lowell, and Scott Tarbox.

    One of the highlights from the mural collection include the piece by Eleanor “Niz” Herasimchuk. Niz created a portrait of a local trumpet player Ephraim Owens based on a photo taken by local music photographer Todd Wolfson. The mural located at Lamar Union, shows brown and gold colors to outline the musicians face and trumpet. The background mixes greys, blues, blacks, and purples to create a nightfall scene. This piece can take you on a journey to a nighttime jazz show where nothing matters but the beautiful music.


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