If You Are New To Weed, No Worries Here’s A ‘Newbie’s Guide’ To Legal Marijuana

If You Are New To Weed, No Worries

Recreational marijuana is legal in eight states now including Nevada and California as of November and for those who knew nothing about marijuana, you are now in for an interesting journey. So to the goody-two-shoes, never-break the rules kids who haven’t smoked, no worries here is your online guide to a blossoming relationship with marijuana.

How To Roll A Joint:

Your first step in weed etiquette is rolling a joint. I myself have struggled with the impeding difficulty and ambidextrous skill that it requires. But, no worries, Greenflower Media is our first stop. It features everything from tips on how to enter the market as a marijuana entrepreneur to smoking etiquette and joint rolling instructions.

Growing Marijuana Plants:

How awesome would it be to nurture and smoke your own weed plants? Not to mention the amount of money you would save from buying off your local dealer. But it’s not that simple and unfortunately it does take knowledge in the gardening practice to become a successful pot grower. That’s where Green CulturED becomes your best friend! It will teach you about adjusting air ventilation, checking soil PH and inspecting for mites. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, believe it not, YouTube has become a host of professional weed related videos that also give you valuable information on how to grow properly, safely and legally.

Cooking With Weed:

Thanks to the awesome people at VICE, Munchies is the place where you can find everything from marijuana milk to cannabutter and cannabis-laced martinis. This my friend is the joys of weed.

So I hope this helps!

Comment below if you have any additional tips and resources.


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