Post Malone Spends $40,000 on Takeout

Post Malone Spends $40 000

Postmates has deemed Rapper Post Malone their “#1 most dedicated customer” spending over $40,000 on takeout this past year.

His tab racked up over 3000 items and 660 orders in 52 cities from touring. For $8,000, his most memorable order was 10,000 butter, honey-dipped biscuits from Popeye’s for fans at this year’s Coachcella.

Chicken fingers are the hottest item from his receipts. Specifically from Popeye’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and Raising Cane’s. He even puts special requests to “open boxes a little so it doesn’t get soggy.”

Fried chicken isn’t all he eats. Panda Express, Burger King, and Big Daddy’s are up on his list. Lord of the Fries, Mozz Sytx and Chicken Love Me Tenders are his signature favorites from Big Daddy’s.

A typical, $850, pre-game order has orange and cranberry juice, beer, wine, vodka, cigarettes, solo cups and don’t forget the ice.

If you end up being one of his delivery guys, be aware he tips in CDs of his unreleased songs.

Even with careless spending, the artist surely has the money. Most recently Post Malone surprisingly broke Michael Jackson’s 34 year record on billboard.

In addition it was confirmed that him and Swae Lee would release new collaboration sunflower.

What do you all think of Post Malone’s Postmates flex?

Do you think that he is wasting too much money on food? Or do you think he’s just living his best life? Drop a comment below and keep it locked to for more culture!


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