Pornhub’s VP Says The Best Kanye Song To Masturbate To Is…


I’m sure some of you have heard that someone on the Internet uploaded Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo on Pornhub. With the Internet these days, it really shouldn’t be that surprising that someone did that.

But, if you are trying to see it now you can’t because it was taken down.

Pigeons and Planes spoke with the VP of Pornhub in a brief interview about Kanye’s TLOP being uploaded and more.


So was this the work of Kanye or some anonymous user?
Since we received a DMCA takedown notice we assume it was not uploaded by Kanye, but you never know.

When it comes to things like this being uploaded, does it remain on Pornhub for a certain amount of days or does someone immediately take it off?
We removed the infringing content as soon as we received the notice.

Do you think a Pornhub exclusive release of Kanye West’s music would help him get out of debt?
An exclusive release of Kanye’s music on Pornhub would be a big boost for him, and would improve his financial situation.

What would you say is the best Kanye West song to masturbate to?
“The New Workout Plan.” It has the perfect beat for masturbation.


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