PornHub Wants To Pay Your College Tuition?


The Pornographic giant – cares about education, and wants to help pay your way though school…

Wait, what?!

According to Complex:

“Pornhub has announced the launch of its new altruistic enterprise and scholarship program called Pornhub Cares, providing students everywhere the opportunity to finally be able to say “I’m here on scholarship, a Pornhub scholarship actually.” From now until October 31st, students from all over the word can submit their applications for the $25,000 scholarship via the website.”
PornHub Wants To Pay Your College Tuition

If that wasn’t enough, check out this statement from PornHub Vice President, Corey Price:

“Pornhub takes immense satisfaction in providing happiness for millions of people around the world each and every day,” says Pornhub Vice President (tremendous title) Corey Price. “Consequently, we want to support the recipient of our ‘Pornhub Cares Scholarship’ to realize their goal of doing the same. Our scholarship will provide a worthy applicant the opportunity to pursue their educational passions and relieve some of the financial burden of paying for college. This year’s recipient will possess leadership, ingenuity and creativity; all qualities we especially value here at Pornhub and ones that have allowed us continued success with our global audience.”

It looks like the safer way to have sex, through masturbation is paying off for those individuals that need it. Leave your thoughts below. Do you think this is outrageous or a good way to give back to their page viewers?


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