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    Supreme Looks To Michael Jackson for Its Latest Capsule Collection

    Approximately two weeks ago, the Michael Jackson X Supreme collection was first made available via GRIND magazine, but on Wednesday the majority of the collection was unveiled to the masses for viewing pleasure.

    The collection will include hoodies, tees, short-sleeve work shirts and skate decks. Niche merchandise with a massive amount of fans, Supreme should rank in a nice piece of change from this collection. A standout piece of merchandise, an image of Jackson from his “Billie Jean” video has the potential to become the best seller for obvious reasons.

    For those who don’t know, “Billie Jean” was the second single from Jackson’s sixth album, Thriller. Way back when track or vinyls had A and B sides, “Billie Jean” was the A side while “It’s the Falling in Love” lived on the B side.
    Supreme Looks To Michael Jackson-1
    The track debuted the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, ranking as the no. 2 in 1983.  Additionally, Jackson won two Grammys for his work. Pertaining to sales, the track was awarded the Black Gold award for single of the year, and the Gift of Music award for best selling single in 1984, a year after its release. Safe to say, many of those “Billie Jean” track supporters will transform into “Bille Jean” X Supreme supporters.

    Circling back to Jackson’s latest merchandise collaboration, hoodies will be available in black, white, navy, red, and a pale green while the tees will come in seven colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, pink and baby blue. Additionally, the work shirts’ colors will consist of the following:black, white and pale green while the skate deck will be offered in black and white.

    The full collection was made available Thursday.

    Check it out here.

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