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    Polo G Pays Homage To Michael Jackson In New Music Video

    Michael Jackson has held the King of Pop title since what seems like the dawn of time. While several HipHop stars have tried to mimic his iconic moves, they’ll never come close to real deal. Though, Polo G recently offered his respects to the King of Pop in his new “Bad Man” song and music video. Given the song’s official title “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)” it’s clearly a homage to Michael Jackson’s biggest songs. Not to mention, the music video offered one of the most defying and iconic dance moves in history.

    Polo G’s “Smooth Criminal”-Themed Music Video

    Michael Jackson
    via Stereogum

    HipHop artists like Ciara, Chris Brown and even Migos’ Offset have attempted the impossible by mimicking the iconic moves of the late Michael Jackson. For the most part, they succeeded in doing right by the King of Pop. Recently, rapper Polo G paid homage to the classic 1987 song “Smooth Criminal” by Jackson.

    On November 12th , the 22-year-old Chicago native shocked fans after dropping his “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)” song and music video. In the clip, Polo G staggers around in an all-white, double-breasted suit and matching fedora. His ensemble looks similar to Michael Jackson’s iconic suit.

    Even the premise of the clip follows along the same lines as the 1987 music video.  Furthermore, the 22-year-old walks through a club with his crew. The onlookers in the club appear shocked to see Polo G and his gang, given that the police oops are attending the establishment as well. After some intense glares, the two opposing sides get into a brawl. Near the conclusion of the video, one of Polo G’s guys attempts to drop some moves in a solo, spotlight act. However, none of them echo Jackson’s iconic dance moves, especially not the “lean.”

    Polo G Thanks Michael Jackson’s Family

    Michael Jackson
    via Celebrity Land

    In the very end, Polo G’s music video closes out with a tribute to Michael Jackson’s family. The “Lasting One Standing” rapper expressed his deep gratitude toward the Jackson family in the release of the song and music video. Throughout the tribute, Polo G hoped that he did justice to a Michael Jackson classic and helped keep his memory alive. Pretty sure the King of Pop would appreciate the effort.


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