50 Cent Is Afraid For His Fucking Life Thanks To NYPD

50 Cent Is Afraid For His Fucking

Woah! An officer of New York’s Police Department has a bullet with 50 Cent’s name on it.

According to The Fader, Emmanual Gonzalez ordered fellow police officers to shoot the rapper on sight. Following the confirmed reports, NYPD has started an investigation into the situation. For now, Gonzalez remains on active duty.

“The matter is under internal review,” said NYPD, when mentioning the pending investigation.

No further information is available, regarding the findings of the case. However, one thing is for certain, Fifty has an update of his own. After finding about Gonzalez’s comment, the rapper retaliated in his own fashion.

Hey kids,see someone you don’t like. Well go a head shoot them on sight. #Emanuel Gun all the time Gonzalez

Fifty posted that caption, along with a picture of the officer. He also goes on record as making other posts to discredit the officer’s reputation.

This is the most recent beef Fif has been a part of. Most recently, he’s been linked to beefing with Floyd Mayweather and Ja Rule, and others

Thoughts? Do you agree with how 50 Cent handled the situation? Share your thoughts below.

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