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    Police Shoot and Kill a Black Security Guard in Full Uniform

    Chicago, IL – A 26-year-old security guard, by the name of Jemel Roberson, was fatally shot down by police officers who were responding to a call. Witnesses say Roberson was on-duty when an armed gunman started to open fire inside of a local bar and nightclub. When police, from Midlothian, arrived, they shot Roberson, despite claims that he was in full uniform, signifying him as a security guard.

    Roberson died shortly after arriving to the hospital. Those close to him, remember him as an active member in his community, and a father-to-be. Avontea Boose, the child’s mother, said this was going to be Roberson’s first Christmas with their son. Roberson’s son is nine months old.

    The Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the Robbins Police Department are investigating the incident. Roberson’s family have filed a lawsuit on Monday, seeking damages of $1 million. His family discussed how ironic it was that Roberson was killed by police. They revealed that Roberson had dreams of being in law enforcement, and planned to start training soon.

    The two police officers involved in the fatal shooting, left the scene unharmed. The incident happened at Manny’s Blue Bar, just outside Chicago. Witnesses there, say that Roberson had done his job, and had the gunman restrained at the time the two officers arrived.

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