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    Police Finally Make Arrest In Jam Master Jay Murder Case

    Two men have been arrested by the NYPD for their roles in Jam Master Jay’s Murder!

    After 18 years Two men who have been suspects in the Jam Master Jay murder case are under arrest. Members of the NYPD and Federal Prosecutors made the announcement Monday.

    Jam Master Jay was a pioneering DeeJay who rose to fame with Hall of Fame Rap Group Run-DMC. Born Jason William Mizell in New York, Jay Master Jay’s murder was one of Hip-hop’s many unsolved murders.

    However, that is no longer that case after Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr were brought up on charges for the killing.

    “The men, Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr., were indicted on charges of murder while engaged in drug trafficking, according to two law enforcement officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. It was not immediately clear what role the two men played in the killing, but investigators believe Mr. Mizell was involved in the finances of the drug-trafficking operation.” – The New York Times

    According to the Quote above it appears that Jam Master Jay was involved in a drug-trafficking business. Thus, his death on October 30th, was the result of a business deal of some sorts gone wrong.

    Many theories exist as to why Run-DMC founding Dj was murdered in cold blood that day in a recording studio. However, for years the NYPD has not been able to definitively conclude the truth.

    What are your thoughts on the Jam Master Jay Murder Case?

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