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    PND Unveils Tracklist for “P3”

    Canadian singer and songwriter PartyNextDoor is close to dropping another album, “PartyNextDoor 3.” Today, the tracklist for the album (often shortened to “P3”), was unveiled on Google Play Music’s pre-order page and can be seen below.
    Unveils Tracklist for-1

    Scheduled to drop on tonight, the album has been highly anticipated by fans of PND, who has a style that combines R&B, trap, and rap elements. The first project in Party’s trilogy was an EP released in the summer of 2013, and the sequel was his most recent studio album was “PartyNextDoor 2” in 2014. Fans are now eager for new music; the arrival of “P3” can’t come soon enough.

    So far, Party has released three singles for “P3”: “Come and See Me” in March featuring Drake; “Not Nice” in late July; and “Don’t Know How” in early August. Each has been met with positive reception and has only added to fans’ eagerness for “P3.”

    PartyNextDoor has kept busy over the last few years, too. He dropped an EP, “PNDColours,” a few months after dropping “P2” in 2014. This year, in April, he appeared on “With You” off of Drake’s “Views” album. But his biggest splash of 2016 was the writing credit on Rihanna’s global hit single “Work.” The track, which dropped in January, reached number one on the Billboard 100 and headlined Rihanna’s “ANTI” album.

    Fans are beyond excited for Party’s full-length release, so the internet will undoubtedly be buzzing tonight and tomorrow morning.


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