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    PnB & YFN Lucci Sued; Rackboy Cam set to recover $1.7 million in settlement.

    Local rapper, Rackboy Cam is laughing all the way to the bank; richer by $1.7 million in cash. PnB and YFN Lucci sued after stealing his lyrics and hook on their track “Everyday We Lit” in 2018.

    Thanks to XXL and BET, we have all the numbers of the lawsuit settlement. According to Christopher W. Niro, his attorney, the rapper, obtained $1.7 million for the copyright infringement lawsuit. Cam alleges the PnB Rock lawsuit was brought because they stole his 2016 song “Everything Be Lit” featuring Maino and Vado. It was deemed too similar to be a coincidence. 

    YFN Lucci and PnB Rock, jointly, made a considerable profit of almost $7 million. The actual number specified is $6,697,068. The settlement paid out is about $1.4 million. This number includes his total legal costs of $4,576.82, prejudgment interest of 6.25%, and royalties amounting to $268,000 which is at the 50% mark. 

    Judge Charles A. Pannell Jr., who oversaw the case, stated that the judgment was won because Lucci and PnB Rock did not provide enough proof of expenses and Rackboy Cam’s argument had merit. 

    What happens now? 

    Rackboy Cam will put his energies back in the studio where they belong rather than in the courtroom fighting for his intellectual property . In regards to Lucci and PnB. PnB and YFN Lucci Sued with loss; cannot publicly perform, promote or distribute “Everyday We Lit” without Rackboy Cam’s permission. This includes the remix with Lil Yahty and Wiz Kalifa.

    It was a costly lesson for them to learn. But, hopefully, for them, they learn it the first time around. Judge for yourself. Do you think the judgment was fair?





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