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Plug On American Idol


Blame Low Ratings On ABC Pulling Plug On American Idol

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The world of entertainment has changed over the last decade. Meaning that it’s time for some shows to be called quits. This, unfortunately, will include “American Idol”.

It’s no secret that over time shows tend to lose there audience, and thrill for the next big thing. This is certainly the fate for the once prominent “American Idol“. It has been learned that the show will come to an end. Overall the show was previously on Fox Network, but two years ago landed ABC. Since the arrival, there has been a disappointing rating causing the decision.

“No official announcement has been made, but with viewers dropping from 7.2 million to just 6Opens a New Window. million, the show is dead,” sources revealed.

One of the most recent episodes managed to pull in over 5 million viewers, which is considered the lowest in history between both networks of ABC and Fox. The show originally started airing back in 2002. Despite starting off with great hype, shows like “Americas Got Talent, The Voice, and The Four has given plenty of competition.

“The producers and crew are already sending out their resumes,” snitched a source. “Even judge Katy Perry is ready to go back to focusing on her music career.”

The show has had plenty of celebrities judges to make the show a thrill. This includes Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez.

Do you think it’s time to pull the plug on American Idol? Who was your favorite judge? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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