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    “Please Pray”: Hurricane Iota, A Cat 4 Storm, Hits Central America

    Hurricane Iota Hits  

      “Please pray for my country Honduras and fo [sic]Central America please, please, please…” the Facebook post read. It was one of several on my Facebook timeline, mostly from those who had friends and family in Central America. At the time of the post, Hurricane Iota was bearing down. Central America had already been battered by Hurricane Eta. Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua as a Category 4 storm, and is currently on track to sweep through the rest of Central America. The devastation is predicted to be catastrophic. 

    A Cat 4 Storm

        The National Hurricane Center reports that Iota made landfall with winds at 155 miles per hour.  One live YouTube video claimed winds were clocking in at 200 miles per hour, as of 0230 17 November.  The New York Times, reporting live, shows pictures of flooded streets, battered houses, missing roofs.

    Climate Change?

        So what is causing these powerful hurricanes? Presidents Giametti (Guatemala) and Hernandez (Honduras) point the finger at climate change. At a news conference, as reported by the Times, President Hernandez said “Central America is not the producer of this climate change situation… Instead, we are the most affected.” According to the Center for Science Education, it is indeed entirely possible that climate change is at fault for these strengthened storms. “Will we see more unusual hurricanes as climate continues to change? The answer is yes. We know a lot about how human-caused climate change is affecting hurricanes and tropical storms now…”

        Climate change? For many, it’s a hard sell. Google “climate change hoax” and you’ll come up with many different results. In one, a letter to the editor, the author argues that “[it] is a big money making hoax.”

    How To Help

        Hoax or not, the reality is that Central Americans are suffering now. World Vision and Catholic Relief Services, both faith-based organization, are working to bring relief to the area. In the aftermath of these storms, it will need it. 



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