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    Player Pree: HypeFresh Highlights Artist At L.O.U.D Press Junket

    Player Pree: HypeFresh Highlights ArtistPlayer Pree, being the player that she is, slides by our table for an interview with HypeFresh Magazine. Her cool demeanor is an exact representation of her music, real player-like.

    She started making music in the summer of 2015. It all started as a creative outlet, where she put together music production, beats and songwriting. Her style has revolved. Striving to create unique content with relatable rap rhymes while pioneering her platform. Pree declares that music is a natural source of inspiration.

    HypeFresh Highlights Player Pree

    Who is Player Pree?

    Player Pree: A female rapper, producer, beat maker from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Tell us about your music

    PP: My music, you know, consist of a lot of songwriting. A combination of electronic and hip-hop beats. So, it’s a very unique style that I created. I put a lot of time in, exploring my song writing—a unique style, you know. Everything is written and produced by me.

    Do you have any projects out right now?

    PP: I’ve got one EP that I’m working on that I haven’t released yet coming out soon, it’s called Natural Born. I have three singles out, “Rhyme Book”, “Like Simba”, and “Daily Bread”. I have one EP out that is streaming on all platforms. Spotify, Tidal, every streaming platform.

    Do you want to stay Indie or are you thinking about crossing over into the industry?

    PP: Right now, I like being Indie, however it’s always my goal to crossover and score a major record deal. I’m playing both sides of the field. Probably a major label, though.

    What’s in store for Player Pree?

    PP: She is going to keep grinding, trying to keep making hits, you know, and keep inspiring all of the community. Keep pushing.

    What is your Instagram handle?

    PP: You can find me on Instagram at @_playerpree


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