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    Platinum-Selling Rapper Da Baby Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

    Some celebrities just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Platinum selling rapper Da Baby has snagged several Grammy nominations and sold thousands of records in the last year. HipHopDX’s 2019 Rapper of the Year is the hottest emcee ever to hit the rap game. While the star maybe living the dream, but trouble seems to follow him everywhere he goes. Da Baby has been arrested several times in the past year. His latest run-in involved carrying a firearm into the store.

                Da Baby Carries A Firearm Into The Store

    stay out of trouble
    via The Guardian

    Celebrities are just like regular people. They make mistakes and get into altercations with random people. Some stars, however, can’t keep their cool in public situations. Rap star Da Baby gets into trouble everywhere he goes. On January 7, TMZ reported that the policed detained the record-breaking rapper. Authorities arrested DaBaby as soon as he exited the Moncler store on Rodeo Drive for his black SUV. Another source claimed that an officer received a tip from someone inside the store, claiming the rapper carried a gun. The authorities completed a thorough search of the rap star’s SUV and uncovered a hand-held gun. Shortly after, Da Baby was taken into custody for carrying a concealed weapon. The police classify the offense as a misdemeanor. Luckily, that’s the only offense the rapper received this time around.

                        Trouble Is Da Baby’s Middle Name

    stay out of trouble
    via ABC7 Los Angeles

    As previously stated, the 29-year-old can’t stay out of trouble. In fact, his temper issues have led to several of his arrests. Just days before being taken into custody for carrying a loaded gun, Da Baby was released from Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. The rapper’s arrests resulted from an alleged physical altercation with an event promoter who shorthanded him his performance fee. The 29-year-old only received $20,000, instead of the entire $30,000 performance fee as promised. Before that, the rapper had a warrant out for his arrest in Texas, after getting into yet another physical altercation with a food server at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. This guy needs to learn some serious meditation techniques.

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