You Can Now Order Pizza Through Your Sneakers

Now Order Pizza Through Your Sneakers

Do you remember the days when you could only order pizza over the telephone? Now online-ordering and mobile apps like Grubhub make it quick and easy to take your order. This week, Pizza Hut just took ordering your food to the next level, without using your computer or your phone.

Introducing the Pie Tops, Pizza Hut’s limited edition sneakers that can deliver you pizza with a push of a button. Its built-in bluetooth device allows Pie Top wearers to connect straight to the ordering app just by pressing on the shoe’s tongue. The sneakers also have geolocation technology, which helps deliverers find their customers wherever they are.

The Pie Top campaign was created in honor of March Madness. “It’s always important that we make it easy for fans to order the Pizza Hut pizza they love without missing a moment of the March Madness action,” David Daniels, Pizza Hut’s vice president of media and advertising, stated in a press release.

“We know pizza is a fan favorite during the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, and our special-edition Pie Tops are a culturally-timed creative expression of our commitment to providing the easiest pizza-ordering and delivery experience possible.”

How thoughtful. I am sure many of you are ready to cop a pair, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The company only created 64 pairs of the sneakers, which will mostly be given away to tastemakers and the media. Only a few will find their way to the general public. Maybe it’ll be you.

Check out the new Pizza Hut commercial to see the Pie Top sneakers in action:


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