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Piers Morgan VS. Kylie Jenner: “She’s Self-Made From A Sex-Tape”


Piers Morgan ripped Kylie Jenner apart after becoming the youngest “self-made” billionaire.

As reported, Forbes marked 21-year old Kylie Jenner as the world’s youngest billionaire. She even beat out Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. But, the magazine gave her the title of “self-made billionaire,” which is technically false.


While many people were happy to hear the news, there were an equal amount of people who were not here for the fuckery, including Piers Morgan. On Good Morning Britain, Morgan did his best to break down the family franchise. The host stated:

“It’s not self-made, it’s because her sister made a sex tape.” He continues, “When you say self-made billionaire, I just thought she’d got it because her sister made a sex tape and that is why they all became hugely rich. If Kim Kardashian hadn’t made that sex tape that then got leaked – she took ownership of it, made millions, and made a family franchise out of it – none of them would have ever been heard of. When you say ‘self-made’, her sister had sex with somebody, the tape ‘got leaked’, and the whole family cashed in.”

But, that’s not all! Morgan went on to criticize her looks stating that all of the Kardashian’s except Kendall would struggle to get into a ‘Croydon night club”.

“The thing about Kylie Jenner, she’s not even that good-looking is she? She’s not!” he insisted. “I would have her at number four on the list of Kardashians, and the ones above her aren’t much better. I’m not being rude, the only hot Kardashian is Kendall [Jenner], the others… None of them are hot!”

Welp! We know how Piers feels about the Kardashians! Is he correct? Is Kylie Jenner self-made or dick made? Please drop a comment below and for more breaking news and gossip, keep it locked to hypefresh.co!


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