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    Phoenix Police Shoot Man Inside Parked Car


    Over the weekend, a man sitting inside a parked car was shot and killed by police officers. Phoenix police say he declined to drop the gun in which he was holding in defense. The event happened Saturday and has fueled new protests taking place outside the Phoenix police station. Protesters do not agree with the officer’s use of force during the interaction. At this point, they demand to be heard.


    This police interaction was brought on by a neighbor who called 911 on the man in the parked car. The caller claimed the man in the car had stabbed him a couple weeks ago and was now back in the area threatening him again. 


    When police arrived, they spoke forcefully with the man in the car for about 10 minutes. He refused to get out of the vehicle and eventually rolled his windows up and pulled out a gun. Officers directed the man to drop the weapon but he refused. The man even told officers to go ahead and shoot him. At that point, he raised the gun towards officers and was immediately shot by them. 


    The man in the car has been named as James Garcia. He was 28 years old when his life was taken. It is devastating acts like these that are the reason citizens protest police brutality every day. Because of the way this situation was handled, another life has been lost. 

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