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    Physical Altercation Between Groups Ruins Philly Hip Hop Awards Show

    Philly has always been known for some of the most talented artist the world has ever seen.

    However last night may have not reflected that very statement.

    Just this past Saturday night, the 8th annual Philly Hip-hop awards was taking place at the Trocadero.

    The award shows brings together urban artist throughout the City for awards and performances.

    During the a performance at the show, an all out brawl broke out. The venue located at 10th & Arch St., became an instant war zone that spilled out onto the street.

    This annual event was in the process of celebrating it’s eight year of service. The finally initially began between two parties, that quickly spread throughout the venue.

    Some outlets reported a possible shooting, however people live on the scene claimed that it was not the case.

    Damn the Philly Hip hop Awards was suppose to honor the great artist of the city. It all ended in chaos!!

    Who’s your favorite Philly artist?? let us know in the comments below.

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